058: Bev and Tim Walden-Discover Your Style and Passion

Master and Photographic Craftsmen, and teachers, Tim and Bev Walden took over Walden’s Photography from Tim’s father, Bob, in the early 80s. In early1995, they created one of the most iconic and copied styles of black and white photography they named Relationship Portraiture.

In this episode, Luci and the Waldens discuss the importance of finding your vision and style. Then they share ways that they built a highly profitable high end studio by offering something very unique that comes from their heart and soul.

“Remember that you not only sell an image, but also a memory that lasts a lifetime”

Luci, Bev and Tim talk about ways to find your style such as…

-Discovering what makes your heart beat faster?

-Looking through magazines for inspiration

-Visiting galleries

In this 1-hour episode on style and how to sell it we cover:

– Taking risks
– Being consistent
– Gathering all the information you can, learn from podcasts, books, etc.
– Getting inspired
– Selling the result of your art, not the art itself
– Communicating what makes your work worth investing in

You can learn more about their programs for photographers at https://www.waldensphotography.com/

“Remembering that you not only sell an image, but also a memory that lasts a lifetime”

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