040 Jeff Lubin: The Million Dollar Studio and The Importance of Branding

Master Craftsman, Jeff Lubin has been the leading portrait photographer in the Washington DC area for over 35 years.  

In this episode, Luci and Jeff discuss:

  • Creating a $1M studio and success in photography.
  • Building your brand and building your image.
  • Embracing what makes you different and what you love to create a successful career.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s hard to get a premium price for your work if you’re not an identity, you don’t have a brand, and you don’t have something that is specific to you.
  • A lot of the answers you are looking for are already within. You are unique among everyone that has lived on the planet.
  • There’s a lot to be said about emulation when you are learning the craft, but once you’ve learned the basics, the genius comes out when you take the imaginative ideas and put them into practice.

“You build the brand, and then you create enough synergy where people know your name. That’s a huge thing – where people not only know your brand, but they know your name. That’s the big thing.” —  Jeff Lubin

Connect with Jeff Lubin:

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Website: JeffLubin.com & PortraitPassion.com

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