012 Jeannie Hobbs: The Classic Photo in a time of trends

Aug 13, 2019

This week’s fantastic guest is award winning Master Craftsman Jeannie Hobbs. Jeannie has been creating images since she held her first camera at the age of five.  Working in the family studio since 1988, she is the studio’s main photographer. Jeannie often speaks to other photography groups, does private mentoring and promotes the ideals of the photographic industry with her service to the industry. In this episode, Luci and Jeannie discuss:

  • Capturing the emotions of vulnerable moments through her photos
  • The new photography trends and Jeannie’s take on them
  • The components of a classic photo that will be timeless

Key Takeaways:

  • Capturing timeless photos being her niche versus succumbing to trends
  • If a customer has a set aesthetic, she will adapt to it but she will notify them about it being a trend
  • Going to a professional photo session creates a memory and experience that will otherwise be absent when going to someone who is not a professional

“I think that classic portrait just means well posed, clients are well connected, they clearly act as a family unit and they are not too far away from each other you can see some family dynamics and all of that, I think it is just relatively traditional, and classic and timeless and will always be fantastic on their wall.” —  Jeannie Hobbs

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