Helping talented photographers thrive in these crazy, challenging times.

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Let me've experienced a roller coaster of emotions these past six months, as the world changes faster than the toddler you are trying to capture in a portrait.

Are you struggling to stay focused on your business, in the midst of all the uncertainty?   

Feeling confused about how to find high-paying clients, now that networking events and wedding fairs are a relic of the pre-COVID past?

Maybe you're a little lonely, stuck at home and unable to connect with other photographers at the workshops and events you'd normally attend?

I hear you. It's been a wild ride for all of us. 

But for all that...

...right now, you also have an amazing, unprecedented opportunity to pause and look closely at your business. To shift your mindset. To throw out the things that weren't working, but you kept doing out of habit. To turn the hot garbage we're calling 2020 into...your best year yet.  

Imagine yourself in six months with a fully booked calendar, engaged in fun and successful marketing efforts, with a flow of income and a comfortable amount in your savings account. Imagine the sense of peace you feel, because everything is working just the way you'd hoped.

Picture yourself having all the support you need from a wonderful group of new photography friends AND a trusted mentor, all of them pulling together to help you create the business of your dreams.

And think about how
amazing it'll feel to know that you're experiencing even greater success and making more money in your photography business than ever before. 

Sound intriguing? 

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"Your Best Year Yet" Marketing Mastermind Group

"With your help we went from one lead at last year's horse show to 62 leads this year, 28 of which were very qualified. (Who would have thought about qualifying leads?!?) Our first job using your system outline we made a $6000 sale. Lots of hugs and a big thank you...Sean Pushor"


Here are the details

"Your Best Year Yet" Mastermind Group Program includes

Two 90-minute group coaching video sessions. With each call, you'll get a specific, proven marketing strategy along with details on how to successfully execute. You'll also have time to ask any questions you might have about your newly delivered strategy.

Then, you'll have an opportunity to be in the "hot seat." That's where you'll share your specific ideas and challenges with the group, and receive uniquely tailored suggestions and feedback. This is where the real magic of a mastermind group happens.

This is NOT a cookie-cutter, self study marketing program with a rigid curriculum unrelated to your specific business. 

It's a small business support group, where I leverage nearly 40 years of experience to serve as your mentor and teacher, and other passionate photographers rally together as your "teammates." 

I've seen it time and again: A wonderful alchemy takes place when a small community of like-minded creatives come together for a common purpose.

You'll have plenty of new marketing ideas, with the specific action steps you need to easily and effectively attract your ideal clients. (You know...the clients that pay you the BIG BUCK$ and truly love your photography.) 

And you'll walk away with a personalized program for success in your specialty, so that your biggest dreams for your business, AND your life, come true

About your coach, Luci...

Just like you, I struggled to find great clients and turn them into  customers that are excited to purchase my art for four and five figures. I started studying with mentors, learned how to sell in person, and created my own strategies that changed everything. I also created a network of friends in the business to bounce ideas off, hear what is working for them, and avoid costly mistakes others have made

As a full-time photographer, I have sold thousands and thousands of wall portraits and albums over the last 38 years. Most people walk away with 3 to 8 wall portraits and an album each and every time. And they usually give me a great big hug, and of course, a bunch of money. And as a business coach I love helping photographers create their own highly profitable businesses.

By the way, one of my joys is my podcast, The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas. I have the most amazing guests and provide real actionable content to grow your business income. I invite you to listen on most podcast channels or you can go to

The program starts in early September includes the following.



An experienced mentor who's "in your corner" with solutions, ideas, and income-building strategies specifically for you and your niche, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. 



A warm, friendly community of like-minded, enthusiastic photographers to inspire and support you. You'll learn from their experiences, and lean on the power of connection to keep your spirits high, and ideas flowing.



It seems counterintuitive, but the more we give, the more we receive. You'll benefit not only by learning from others, but also by supporting them in turn and offering valuable feedback. You'll be amazed by how much joy that seemingly simple act brings you, and how energizing it is for your business.  

What else is included?  

  • A private Facebook group just for Mastermind Group members. There, you'll get direct help from me, connect with others in the program and celebrate your big wins—and I promise, they're coming!
  • [BONUS] If you choose to pre-pay 6 months in full, you'll also get a one-on-one Strategy Session, where we'll define your ideal clients, set your goals, and refine your pricing for maximum profitability (a $450 value). This is a limited time offer.

Of course, you'll have MORE income, and more happy clients

singing your praises, a community of amazing, like-minded photographers at your side, and the knowledge that while the world outside is in flux, you're investing your time brilliantly to build a profitable business you're proud of.    

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I’m not quite sure where to begin to describe how wonderful and valuable Luci is. My business was established but I was lacking the skills to bring it to the next level. Luci taught me how to communicate with clients, set my goals, reach my target market, and run a financially successful photography business. She has changed my career and life forever. -Meredith Dickins, Ashland, KY 

What Luci Dumas does is MAGIC.  

Today, a client came in and INVESTED in me. It all came together. She spent more than I used to make from 5 clients.

Luci knows what she's talking about and when you listen to her, amazing things happen.

If you've been fighting with yourself about whether or not to invest in her coaching, let me tell you... DO IT. IT'S SO WORTH IT. -Lacey Sawyer Fincher, Norfolk, VA

When I hired Luci in 2016, I reported a loss every year. She created the foundation for the business that I have today. Everything almost that I do I learned from her in one way or another. In 2018, I reported a $240,000 gross income. $350 average to average sales in the thousands.

Hiring Luci was the best business decision that I made. -Erin Bonilla, Suffolk, VA 

I can't wait to connect with you and learn more about your dreams and discover if this is the perfect program and

the perfect time to create your best year yet. Luci