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“10 Big Ideas For Marketing

High Dollar Portrait

and Wedding Photography

in the Real World


heart25Reach clients most photographers miss that are only using social media. Stop wasting time and effort on less than ideal leads.heart25Attract and enroll high-paying clients that will love and value your photography and become life long, raving fans.
heart25Increase your visibility and be highly profitable by effectively communicating your niche what makes you special.heart25Establish yourself as the top photographer in your area, multiply your referrals, and love your clients even more.

“I owe this shift in my photography business to you. The direction and instruction you have given me thus far has been pricelessSusan Panetta San Diego, CA

“Luci, you have helped me so much. Thank you so much for being you! I am excited about my photography business again.”
Love, Mary Stone Austin. TX

“Your help was specific, thoughtful, and personal,  like chatting with a friend. Your experience in this industry as well as your general love of people shines through in your voice and words.” Ami Stafford …Sumas, Wash


Together, we will “unearth” your unique talents, those specialties that you are naturally best at and develop your brand around this. Then you will learn to build an even more successful business, focusing on this niche and how to attract and sell to your ideal client.

My clients significantly increase their income and become the photography business that stands out in a very competitive industry by reaching the target market that loves working with them. They are doing what they love with confidence in all areas, and attracting wonderful, high paying clients to them like bees to honey.

I know you have the power within to create an amazing career. I would love to begin this adventure with you to help you create a more highly profitable, fun and satisfying career in photography.

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