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Luci Dumas and Insight Training for Photographers

luci-borderAs a full time photographer for over 30 years, I have enjoyed a successful, profitable and creatively satisfying Children, Family Portrait and Wedding business In San Diego serving wonderful clients

How? By specializing in what love, finding my ideal clients, and following proven marketing and sales strategies.

A teacher at heart, it is a joy to coach and mentor other talented photographers who are struggling to have the business of their dreams or just want to make a great business even better. They learn to serve their clients at a higher level, hone their craft, improve their in person sales and marketing skills, and conquer any hidden blocks to success.

Best of all, my amazing coaching clients find more ways to do the work they are called to do and are serving their clients even more by bringing their gifts to the world. They find their “mission” and grow into a much bigger version of themselves. And earn a great living in the bargain!

I would love to hear from you at luci@lucidumas.com
or by phone 619-233-9390

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